Merry Christmas!!

by Rose Mis on December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Wishing You and Your Loved Ones A Holiday Season Filled With

Love, Peace and Joy!!



I found a really special video of Susan Boyle singing "Oh Holy Night" last year in NYC that I want to share with you! Susan really is an inspiration for me. I remember the first YouTube video I saw of her … she has come such a long way!! She is totally working, playing … living her passion! And it is rewarding her handsomely! What an amazing gift she has been given … and she is serving the world well by sharing it generously with everyone! And, the thing I always try to keep in mind … if something like this is possible for Susan Boyle, it is possible for you and me too! :)

Enjoy the music .. and know that I am grateful that we are connected!


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Bill Fleischhauer

Merry Christmas Rose** Thank You for sharing this video! Susan is a perfect example of a person Living her DREAM with Passion** Many Blessings to You this Most Joyous of Seasons!



Hey Bill!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope that you and Margie are doing really well!! I saw a terrific photo of the two of you:) My love and blessings to both of you :)


Akos Fintor

Hey Rose, 
Very inspirational. Whenever I need a "kick in the butt" (inspiration :) ) I go to Youtube and watch empowering videos. They surely renovate my state of mind. 
Thanks for the share!


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