November 2009

I recently read a blog post from Dave Sherwin, creator of EscapeTheMatrix… He shared an amazing video that his business partner, Dan Putnam, creator of the LightHouseMarketingSystem,  had posted to his blog. I watched the video…by the time it was done I was electrified…my soul was on FIRE…. Here are some of the take aways […]
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I am sure that many of you have heard of Robert Kiyosaki before….author of Rich Dad Poor Dad…The Cashflow Quadrant…co-author of Why We Want You To Be Rich … He really is a very high profile…successful man. Did you know that he is on Twitter….??? YOU can follow him by going to and adding […]
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As I mentioned in my Guilt Free Holiday Prospecting post the other day… I became "the family member" that alot of people were uncomfortable being around because I had gone about "sharing" the news of my new business ventures in the wrong way. The Holidays are a GREAT TIME of the year to prospect. But…you […]
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Jim Edwards… a really ethical internet marketer did a LIVE interview with an FTC director (in charge of advertising and claims), Richard Cleland. It's totally pitch-free and information-packed. This is, in my opinion, a must watch video. If you would like to have a full PDF copy of the transcript all you need to do […]
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If you are anything at all like me… You are GRATEFUL to still be getting invitations to the Family Thanksgiving Gathering… You have told your family all about… the NEW patented nutraceutical that will help them feel better… cure their aches and pains … make them feel twenty years younger … lose that last stubborn […]
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